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1Roberto C. Cavalcante Vieira, Creto Augusto Vidal, Joaquim B. Cavalcante Neto A biologically inspired generation of virtual characters. Search on Bibsonomy SAC The full citation details ... 2008 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF genetic inheritance, reproductive simulation, virtual characters modeling, mesh generation
1Hueihan Jhuang, Thomas Serre, Lior Wolf, Tomaso A. Poggio A Biologically Inspired System for Action Recognition. Search on Bibsonomy ICCV The full citation details ... 2007 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Bruce A. Draper, Kyungim Baek, Jeff Boody A Biologically Plausible Approach to Cat and Dog Discrimination. Search on Bibsonomy SSPR/SPR The full citation details ... 2002 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
8Sebastian Handrich, Andreas Herzog, Andreas Wolf, Christoph S. Herrmann A Biologically Plausible Winner-Takes-All Architecture. Search on Bibsonomy ICIC (2) The full citation details ... 2009 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Guanhua Chen, Xiuli Ma, Dongqing Yang, Shiwei Tang, Meng Shuai A Bipartite Graph Framework for Summarizing High-Dimensional Binary, Categorical and Numeric Data. Search on Bibsonomy SSDBM The full citation details ... 2009 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF the MDL Principle, Bipartite Graph, High-Dimensional Data, Data Summarization
2Jacob Fox, János Pach, Csaba D. Tóth A Bipartite Strengthening of the Crossing Lemma. Search on Bibsonomy Graph Drawing The full citation details ... 2007 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
3José M. Miranda A BIST and Boundary-Scan Economics Framework. Search on Bibsonomy IEEE Design & Test of Computers The full citation details ... 1997 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Mitrajit Chatterjee, Dhiraj K. Pradhan A BIST Pattern Generator Design for Near-Perfect Fault Coverage. Search on Bibsonomy IEEE Trans. Computers The full citation details ... 2003 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF core logic, built-in self-test, synthesis, fault coverage, Linear feedback shift registers, test pattern generation, scan, SOC
1Yun-Che Wen A BIST Scheme for Testing Analog-to-Digital Converters with Digital Response Analyses. Search on Bibsonomy VTS The full citation details ... 2005 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Seongmoon Wang A BIST TPG for Low Power Dissipation and High Fault Coverage. Search on Bibsonomy IEEE Trans. VLSI Syst. The full citation details ... 2007 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1M. Yan, John V. McCanny A bit-level systolic architecture for implementing a VQ tree search. Search on Bibsonomy VLSI Signal Processing The full citation details ... 1990 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Guomin Zhang, En Zhu, Ling Mao, Ming Yin A Bit-Parallel Exact String Matching Algorithm for Small Alphabet. Search on Bibsonomy FAW The full citation details ... 2009 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF matching table, matching matrix, String matching, bit-parallel
1Randal C. Burns, Wayne Hineman A Bit-Parallel Search Algorithm for Allocating Free Space. Search on Bibsonomy MASCOTS The full citation details ... 2001 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Hisashi Tsuji, Akira Ishino, Masayuki Takeda A Bit-Parallel Tree Matching Algorithm for Patterns with Horizontal VLDC's. Search on Bibsonomy SPIRE The full citation details ... 2005 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
7Remzi Arslanalp, Erkan Yüce A BJT technology-based current-mode tunable all-pass filter. Search on Bibsonomy Microelectronics Journal The full citation details ... 2009 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Sameer Singh 0002, Markos Markou A black hole novelty detector for video analysis. Search on Bibsonomy Pattern Anal. Appl. The full citation details ... 2005 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF Neural networks, Video analysis, Novelty detection, Object classification, Black hole
1Zhongjie Li, Wee Ser A blind cascade structure interference cancellation RAKE receiver for CDMA communications. Search on Bibsonomy IWCMC The full citation details ... 2006 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF minimum variance distortionless response (MVDR), code division multiple access (CDMA), interference suppression, RAKE receiver, blind detection
1Yiteng Huang, Jacob Benesty, Jingdong Chen A Blind Channel Identification-Based Two-Stage Approach to Separation and Dereverberation of Speech Signals in a Reverberant Environment. Search on Bibsonomy IEEE Trans. Speech and Audio Processing The full citation details ... 2005 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Haifeng Li, Shuxun Wang, Weiwei Song, Quan Wen A Blind Image Watermarking Using for Copyright Protection and Tracing. Search on Bibsonomy ISI The full citation details ... 2005 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Pingan Li, Khaled Ben Letaief A Blind RAKE Receiver With Robust Multiuser Interference Cancelation for DS/CDMA Communications. Search on Bibsonomy IEEE Trans. Communications The full citation details ... 2007 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
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