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1Georg Turban, Max Mühlhäuser A category based concept for rapid development of ink-aware systems for computer-assisted education. Search on Bibsonomy ISM The full citation details ... 2005 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Rob Law, Gang Li A Causal Analysis for the Expenditure Data of Business Travelers. Search on Bibsonomy ADMA The full citation details ... 2007 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Kristoffer Jensen A Causal Rhythm Grouping. Search on Bibsonomy CMMR The full citation details ... 2004 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
2Kirill Dmitriev, Thomas Annen, Grzegorz Krawczyk, Karol Myszkowski, Hans-Peter Seidel A CAVE system for interactive modeling of global illumination in car interior. Search on Bibsonomy VRST The full citation details ... 2004 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF LCD panel, virtual reality, BRDF, CAVE
1Francisco J. Serón, Diego Gutierrez, Juan A. Magallon, Emilio J. Sobreviela, José A. Gutiérrez A CAVE-like environment as a tool for full-size train design. Search on Bibsonomy Virtual Reality The full citation details ... 2004 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF Simulator, Industrial design, Virtual prototyping, CAVE, Stereoscopy
1Yu Chen, Zhuangzhi Yan A Cellular Automatic Method for the Edge Detection of Images. Search on Bibsonomy ICIC (2) The full citation details ... 2008 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Miodrag J. Mihaljevic, Yuliang Zheng, Hideki Imai A Cellular Automaton Based Fast One-Way Hash Function Suitable for Hardware Implementation. Search on Bibsonomy Public Key Cryptography The full citation details ... 1998 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Ioakeim G. Georgoudas, Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis, Ioannis Andreadis A Cellular Automaton Crowd Tracking System for Modelling Evacuation Processes. Search on Bibsonomy ACRI The full citation details ... 2006 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Martin L. Kersten A Cellular Database System for the 21st Century. Search on Bibsonomy ARTDB The full citation details ... 1997 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Teppei Nakano, Takashi Morie, Makoto Nagata, Atsushi Iwata A cellular-automaton-type image extraction algorithm and its implementation using an FPGA. Search on Bibsonomy APCCAS (2) The full citation details ... 2002 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
8James Preen A Census of all 5-regular planar graphs with diameter 3. Search on Bibsonomy Ars Comb. The full citation details ... 2012 DBLP  BibTeX  RDF
1Gengui Zhou, Zhenyu Cao, Jian Cao, Zhiqing Meng A Centralized Network Design Problem with Genetic Algorithm Approach. Search on Bibsonomy CIS The full citation details ... 2006 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
2Amlan Ghosh, Rahul M. Rao, Richard B. Brown A centralized supply voltage and local body bias-based compensation approach to mitigate within-die process variation. Search on Bibsonomy ISLPED The full citation details ... 2009 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF fine-grain body-biasing, process variation compensation, slewrate
2Alexander I. Barvinok, Isabella Novik A Centrally Symmetric Version of the Cyclic Polytope. Search on Bibsonomy Discrete & Computational Geometry The full citation details ... 2008 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Francois Anton A Certified Delaunay Graph Conflict Locator for Semi-algebraic Sets. Search on Bibsonomy ICCSA (1) The full citation details ... 2005 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Ross M. McConnell A certifying algorithm for the consecutive-ones property. Search on Bibsonomy SODA The full citation details ... 2004 DBLP  BibTeX  RDF
1Guang Yao, Jun Bi A CGAbased IP source address authentication method in IPv6 access network. Search on Bibsonomy LCN The full citation details ... 2008 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Andrew S. Glassner A Change of Scene. Search on Bibsonomy IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications The full citation details ... 2001 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Takayuki Omori, Katsuhisa Maruyama A change-aware development environment by recording editing operations of source code. Search on Bibsonomy MSR The full citation details ... 2008 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF source code modification, versioning systems, software evolution, integrated development environments
5Vittorio Capecchi A changing society and problems of method: a politically committed research type. Search on Bibsonomy AI Soc. The full citation details ... 2004 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF Politically committed research, Radical sociology, Trade unions research, Gender, Methods
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