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7Alex B. Makulilo "One size fits all": Does Europe impose its data protection regime on Africa? Search on Bibsonomy Datenschutz und Datensicherheit The full citation details ... 2013 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1John K. Davies "Open and challenging research issues in dependable distributed computing" A personal view from the Defence Industry. Search on Bibsonomy SRDS The full citation details ... 2006 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
2Larry Marine "Pardon me, but your baby is ugly...". Search on Bibsonomy Interactions The full citation details ... 2002 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
7Hemant K. Bhargava, Manish Gangwar "Pay as You Go" or "All You Can Eat"? Pricing Methods for Computing and Information Services. Search on Bibsonomy HICSS The full citation details ... 2016 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Héla Masmoudi, Matthijs den Besten, Claude de Loupy, Jean-Michel Dalle "Peeling the Onion". (PDF / PS) Search on Bibsonomy OSS The full citation details ... 2009 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Alessandra Bertoldo, Giovanni Sparacino, Claudio Cobelli "Population" approach improves parameter estimation of kinetic models from dynamic PET data. Search on Bibsonomy IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging The full citation details ... 2004 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Atanas Radenski "Python first": a lab-based digital introduction to computer science. Search on Bibsonomy ITiCSE The full citation details ... 2006 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF online study pack, self-guided lab, Java, OOP, CS1, Python, CS2
2Roland Ducournau "Real World" as an Argument for Covariant Specialization in Programming and Modeling. Search on Bibsonomy OOIS Workshops The full citation details ... 2002 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
2David Hawking "Search Is a Solved Problem" and Other Annoying Fallacies. Search on Bibsonomy SPIRE The full citation details ... 2008 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Catherine Elsen, Pierre Leclercq "SketSha" - The Sketch Power to Support Collaborative Design. Search on Bibsonomy CDVE The full citation details ... 2008 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF Distant and Synchronous Collaborative Design, Architecture support device, Sketches support tool
2Paolo Cottone, Luca Pieti, Valentina Schiavinato, Dorian Soru, Massimiliano Martinelli, Diego Varotto, Giuseppe Mantovani "Solving" ambiguity in the virtual space: communication strategies in a collaborative virtual environment. Search on Bibsonomy Cognition, Technology & Work The full citation details ... 2009 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF Virtual reality, CMC, Cooperation, Negotiation, Ambiguity
1Leslie Lamport "Sometime" is Sometimes "Not Never" - On the Temporal Logic of Programs. Search on Bibsonomy POPL The full citation details ... 1980 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1E. Allen Emerson, Joseph Y. Halpern "Sometimes" and "Not Never" Revisited: On Branching Versus Linear Time. Search on Bibsonomy POPL The full citation details ... 1983 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
7John A. McNeill, Christopher L. David, Michael C. W. Coln, Rosa Croughwell "Split ADC" Calibration for All-Digital Correction of Time-Interleaved ADC Errors. Search on Bibsonomy IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems The full citation details ... 2009 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Edgar T. Irons "Structural connections" in formal languages. Search on Bibsonomy Commun. ACM The full citation details ... 1964 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
8Amal El-Nahas, Omar H. Karam, Ahmad Hamad, Ingy Ramzy "TellMe": A Novel Protocol and Location Prediction Scheme Exploiting the "One For All" Framework for Location Management. Search on Bibsonomy TIME The full citation details ... 2005 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Frank K. H. A. Dehne, Rolf Klein "The Big Sweep": On the Power of the Wavefront Approach to Voronoi Diagrams. Search on Bibsonomy MFCS The full citation details ... 1994 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Manolis Tsiknakis "The European cancer informatics landscape: Challenges for the biomedical informatics community". Search on Bibsonomy BIBE The full citation details ... 2008 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
7Mostafa Mesgari, Chitu Okoli, Mohamad Mehdi, Finn Årup Nielsen, Arto Lanamäki "The sum of all human knowledge": A systematic review of scholarly research on the content of Wikipedia. Search on Bibsonomy JASIST The full citation details ... 2015 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
7Tiffany Ya Tang, Relic Yongfu Wang, Carl Guangxing Chen "The Sum of All Our Feelings!": Sentimental Analysis on Chinese Autism Sites. Search on Bibsonomy HCI (9) The full citation details ... 2017 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
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