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1Shen-Zheng Wang, Hsi-Jian Lee A Cascade Framework for a Real-Time Statistical Plate Recognition System. Search on Bibsonomy IEEE Trans. Information Forensics and Security The full citation details ... 2007 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Yimin Wen, Bao-Liang Lu A Cascade Method for Reducing Training Time and the Number of Support Vectors. Search on Bibsonomy ISNN (1) The full citation details ... 2004 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
7Hong-Zhi Li, Ziyan Zhong, Lin Li 0011, Rui Gao, Jingxia Cui, Ting Gao, Li Hong Hu, Yinghua Lu, Zhongmin Su, Hui Li A cascaded QSAR model for efficient prediction of overall power conversion efficiency of all-organic dye-sensitized solar cells. Search on Bibsonomy Journal of Computational Chemistry The full citation details ... 2015 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Peter F. Sturm A Case Against Kruppa's Equations for Camera Self-Calibration. Search on Bibsonomy IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell. The full citation details ... 2000 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF Kruppa equations, critical motions, calibration, Self-calibration, degeneracy, absolute conic, euclidean reconstruction
1Maarten Grachten, Josep Lluís Arcos, Ramon López de Mántaras A case based approach to expressivity-aware tempo transformation. Search on Bibsonomy Machine Learning The full citation details ... 2006 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF Tempo transformation, Expressive performance, Music, Case based reasoning
1Olivier Rochecouste, Gilles Pokam, André Seznec A case for a complexity-effective, width-partitioned microarchitecture. Search on Bibsonomy TACO The full citation details ... 2006 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF Power analysis
7Chieh-Yih Wan, Andrew T. Campbell, Jon Crowcroft A case for all-wireless, dual-radio virtual sinks. Search on Bibsonomy SenSys The full citation details ... 2004 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF wireless sensor networks, congestion avoidance
1Jie Yu, Satish Narayanasamy A case for an interleaving constrained shared-memory multi-processor. Search on Bibsonomy ISCA The full citation details ... 2009 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF parallel programming, multiprocessors, software reliability, concurrency bugs
1Peter B. Danzig, Richard S. Hall, Michael F. Schwartz A Case for Caching File Objects Inside Internetworks. Search on Bibsonomy SIGCOMM The full citation details ... 1993 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF Internet
1Mozafar Bag Mohammadi, Siavash Samadian-Barzoki, M. Nikoopour, Nasser Yazdani, Nasser Rezaee A case for dense-mode multicast support in MPLS. Search on Bibsonomy ISCC The full citation details ... 2004 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Sarfraz Khurshid, Darko Marinov, Ilya Shlyakhter, Daniel Jackson A Case for Efficient Solution Enumeration. Search on Bibsonomy SAT The full citation details ... 2003 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Yang-Hua Chu, Sanjay G. Rao, Hui Zhang 0001 A case for end system multicast. Search on Bibsonomy SIGMETRICS The full citation details ... 2000 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Aliandro Lima, Walfredo Cirne, Francisco Vilar Brasileiro, Daniel Fireman A Case for Event-Driven Distributed Objects. Search on Bibsonomy OTM Conferences (2) The full citation details ... 2006 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Ravishankar Ramamurthy, David J. DeWitt, Qi Su A case for fractured mirrors. Search on Bibsonomy VLDB J. The full citation details ... 2003 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF Disk mirroring, Data placement, Vertical partitioning
1Lambros Lambrinos, Fotis Georgatos A Case for Multimedia Streaming over the Grid Infrastructure. Search on Bibsonomy MMNS The full citation details ... 2008 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF multimedia, architecture, grid, streaming
1Stephan Krause A case for mutual notification: a survey of P2P protocols for massively multiplayer online games. Search on Bibsonomy NETGAMES The full citation details ... 2008 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF P2P MMOG protocol survey, mutual notification, simulation, P2P, MMOG
1Craig Edward Rasmussen, Jeffrey M. Squyres A Case for New MPI Fortran Bindings. Search on Bibsonomy PVM/MPI The full citation details ... 2005 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Ravi Kokku, Taylor L. Riché, Aaron R. Kunze, Jayaram Mudigonda, Jamie Jason, Harrick M. Vin A case for run-time adaptation in packet processing systems. Search on Bibsonomy Computer Communication Review The full citation details ... 2004 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
3Mary Ann Davidson A case for software assurance. Search on Bibsonomy WWW The full citation details ... 2006 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
1Syed Sibte Raza Abidi, Samina Raza Abidi A Case for Supplementing Evidence Base Medicine with Inductive Clinical Knowledge: Towards a Technology-Enriched Integrated Clinical Evidence System. Search on Bibsonomy CBMS The full citation details ... 2001 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
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