About FacetedDBLP

The FacetedDBLP search interface allows to search computer science publications in the DBLP collection starting from some keyword and shows the result set along with a set of facets, e.g., distinguishing publication years, authors, or conferences. It is the first large scale application that uses GrowBag graphs to create a computer science specific topic facet, with which a user can characterize the result set in terms of main research topics and filter it according to certain subtopics.

FacetedDBLP builds upon the DBLP++ data set which is an enhancement of DBLP (as of 2024-05-10) plus additional keywords and abstracts as available on public web pages. We have also corrected some of the links to electronic editions, which were broken in DBLP. A brief description of the GrowBag facet within FacetedDBLP can be found in our JCDL paper, a detailed description of the algorithm is available on the GrowBag project page (no longer available).

DBLP++ is stored in a mysql database and can be accessed in several ways:

If you want to run your own D2R server, download the above SQL dump and store it in a mysql database. Then get the D2R server package and use my configuration file. You also need to run this SQL script to create the necessary additional tables after having stored the sql dump in the database.

For more information, contact Jörg Diederich (main developer) or Wolf-Tilo Balke.

This work has been supported by the European projects KnowledgeWeb and ViKEF.

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