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59Monica Hernandez, Matías N. Bossa, Salvador Olmos Registration of Anatomical Images Using Paths of Diffeomorphisms Parameterized with Stationary Vector Field Flows. Search on Bibsonomy International Journal of Computer Vision The full citation details ... 2009 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF LDDMM, Diffeomorphic registration, Infinite dimensional, Stationary parameterization, Efficient, Riemannian manifold, Computational Anatomy
52Monica Hernandez, Matías N. Bossa, Salvador Olmos Registration of anatomical images using geodesic paths of diffeomorphisms parameterized with stationary vector fields. Search on Bibsonomy ICCV The full citation details ... 2007 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
22Amy Nicole Langville, Carl Dean Meyer Updating pagerank with iterative aggregation. Search on Bibsonomy WWW (Alternate Track Papers & Posters) The full citation details ... 2004 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF stationary vector, Markov chains, aggregation, link analysis, pagerank, updating, power method, disaggregation
15Jesús Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez A modified version of the Pisarenko method to estimate the power spectral density of any asymptotically wide sense stationary vector process. Search on Bibsonomy Applied Mathematics and Computation The full citation details ... 2019 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
15Jaideep Mulherkar Shannon and Rényi entropy rates of stationary vector valued Gaussian random processes. Search on Bibsonomy CoRR The full citation details ... 2018 DBLP  BibTeX  RDF
15Photios A. Stavrou, Jan Østergaard Fixed-Rate Zero-Delay Source Coding for Stationary Vector-Valued Gauss-Markov Sources. Search on Bibsonomy DCC The full citation details ... 2018 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
15Luis M. Lopez-Ramos, Daniel Romero 0004, Bakht Zaman, Baltasar Beferull-Lozano Dynamic Network Identification from Non-Stationary Vector Autoregressive Time Series. Search on Bibsonomy GlobalSIP The full citation details ... 2018 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
15Fang Han, Huanran Lu, Han Liu 0001 A direct estimation of high dimensional stationary vector autoregressions. Search on Bibsonomy J. Mach. Learn. Res. The full citation details ... 2015 DBLP  BibTeX  RDF
15David S. Matteson, Nicholas A. James, William B. Nicholson, Louis C. Segalini Locally stationary vector processes and adaptive multivariate modeling. Search on Bibsonomy ICASSP The full citation details ... 2013 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
15Dianne P. O'Leary, Yuan-Jye Jason Wu A Block-GTH Algorithm for Finding the Stationary Vector of a Markov Chain. Search on Bibsonomy SIAM J. Matrix Analysis Applications The full citation details ... 1996 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
15Michele Benzi, Tugrul Dayar The Arithmetic Mean Method for Finding the Stationary Vector of Markov Chains. Search on Bibsonomy Parallel Algorithms Appl. The full citation details ... 1995 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
15Nikolay Polyak, William A. Pearlman, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi Orthogonalization of circular stationary vector sequences and its application to the Gabor decomposition. Search on Bibsonomy IEEE Trans. Signal Processing The full citation details ... 1995 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
10Andreas Maurer Unsupervised Slow Subspace-Learning from Stationary Processes. Search on Bibsonomy ALT The full citation details ... 2006 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
10Stephen J. Kirkland Digraph-based Conditioning for Markov Chains. Search on Bibsonomy POSTA The full citation details ... 2003 DBLP  DOI  BibTeX  RDF
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